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25 Top-of-Mind Flavor Combinations

A friend of mine (@unicornteeth) has highly recommended The Flavor Bible. It’s on my list of things to check out. I need to add to my cooking library for sure.


Meanwhile,  I’m getting slightly bored with my go-to recipes when cooking at home. Below is a list of 25 flavor combinations that come to mind easily. What flavor combinations come easily to you?

  1. Blue cheese+honey+walnuts
  2. Lavender+lemon
  3. Peanut butter+ bananas
  4. Bacon+maple
  5. Bacon+tomatoes
  6. Mushrooms+butter+garlic
  7. Dill+salted butter
  8. Sour cream+pickles
  9. Coconut+lime
  10. Kale+sausage
  11. Poultry liver pate+blackberries
  12. Duck confit+ black cherries
  13. Pungent camembert+apples
  14. Chives+cream cheese
  15. Onions+celery+carrots
  16. Spinach+feta
  17. Garlic+ginger
  18. Lemongrass+ginger+garlic
  19. Cinnamon+Sugar
  20. Tomato+cheese
  21. Honey+butter
  22. Port+dark chocolate
  23. Sage+salt+butter
  24. Sesame oil+soy sauce+Sirancha
  25. Ginger+bourbon