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SF Food Wars

To me, SF Food Wars is much like Fernet: at first, a little voice in my head says, “Hell yes, let’s do this,” both make me giddy and willing to talk to strangers, and finally, both leave me feeling hung-over, wondering, “What was I thinking?” Still for the past two years, I’ve gone back for more.

A brief history with SF Food Wars.

My first: SF Food Wars Mini Cupcake Clash 2009, with Team Baby Bites. I learned the most from this first one: Be organized. Be early. Be calm. Get sleep. Have fun.

We baked bacon chive poppers

with sour cream icing . We didn’t place, but received the biggest compliment of from Brandon of Mission Minis (who btw, was on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars) wanted the recipe for his shop. I was going to trade him the recipe for 100 mini cupcakes/month. Seriously. I didn’t close the deal though…the sheer logistics seemed silly. He’s not silly. The logistics were.

My second: SF Food Wars Pie or Die 2010, with Team Peace o’ Pie. We placed 2nd (Judges’ Choice) with Sour Cherry Sweet Berry Pie. Got some free stuff and a cool medal with just the right amount of weight.

This year is my third (June 12, 2011): SF Food Wars’ Pie or Die Part Deux with Team Peace o’ Pie once again! We might have a better chance of actually taking first this year. We have a new recipe (though will have the same buttery, flaky crust). Stay tuned to see what we’re baking for the event.